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Termite damage

Termites and Carpenter Ants

Wood Destroying Organisms



Well known to most individuals throughout the Midwest, the termite can create serious damage to a home.

Termites by nature hollow out galleries in wood as they consume it. They feed by following the grain of the wood and follow the softer wood as they feed. They try to hide and keep the surface of wood intact.


They are most commonly found in areas that can remain moist and easily accessible to soil areas.



Carpenter Ants

Also found to do damage to wood, Carpenter Ants can hollow out galleries but unlike the Termite, Carpenter ants remove the wood to create nesting sites. An active colony, if found, can produce a distinct rustling sound.



H to H Services L.L.C. provides Wood Destroying Organism Inspections. Please make sure to ask about the service when scheduling an appointment.

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