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H to H Services L.L.C. is a Quality Property Inspection Company offering affordable pricing. It was created from years of work with families, businesses and individuals throughout Columbus, Newark, Lancaster and all of Central Ohio.


We take pride in providing the customer service necessary to create a relationship that is both family and business friendly. The greatest priority for our company is working to meet and exceed the needs of the clients we serve.


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Making the right Investment in Real Estate means everything. Spending the time and money can be a long and nerve racking process.  The quality of service you receive during this time should be important to you. From the Banks to the Real Estate Agents, and from the Homeowners to the Negotiation Process, it can seem never ending. Speaking with someone who inspects your property should feel like a friendly, knowledgeable experience. You may have questions about what you see. You may also have questions about what is not there. Concerns about these items and how they need to be maintained are important. They may even be a factor in weather the home you are looking at, is a good fit for you and your family.


Learning about these issues are what a Quality Home Inspector is all about. Taking what you see or don't see and explaining how it effects the function of the home is important. This allows you to know how to protect you investment for many years to come.


Your Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Lender, Insurer or Title company may request or recommend a home inspection for you. It is important to remember that our firm provides a thorough, non-biased and objective view into the evaluation of the property  to provide Peace of Mind and ease in the purchase.


Take a moment to look through our web site. Click on the virtual Home Inspection tour to get a better understanding of the Home Inspection process.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We would be happy to help.


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