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Examples of some Home Inspection findings in Central Ohio:

Attic Damage

As we have mentioned in our virtual Home Inspection tour, moisture is the single most common problem for any home. Moisture can come from many sources. A leaky faucet, leaky roof or missing downspout. It can also cause problems in less obvious ways. Lack of ventilation or by freezing and thawing of building materials.

A Homeowner's safety is always a concern for a Home Inspector.

Many potential accidents can be avoided by careful planning.

Checking for the safety reverse on a garage door opener or checking for a trip hazard when entering the home.

Step Safety Hazzard
Dryer vent safety hazzard

Seeing how a home is maintained can tell a lot for the future homeowners. Keeping the furnace filter changed and the dryer vent clean not only save on energy bills but help to provide a safer and longer life for the appliances.

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